Take Stains Out Of Carpet

Getting stains out of carpet can be a difficult process if you are unprepared. There are multiple tried and true ways to take stains out of carpet. Here are a few tips and tricks to making sure that you can get the stain out of your carpet completely, keeping the carpet looking as good as new.

Act Fast

The most important tip to removing a stain from carpet is to act as fast as possible. Waiting even a small amount of time (under an hour) gives part of the stain the opportunity to soak and dry. If you are getting stains out of carpet, be sure to have the necessary tools in your household before the stain hits.

Blot the Area, Don’t Rub!

Whatever you do, do not rub the area. Rubbing can actually grind the stain into more fibers of the carpet, allowing it to affect more areas, and also allowing it to dry quickly. Make sure you blot repeatedly to soak up the stain.

Spot Cleaners


Spot cleaners can easily be the perfect solution for those small stains that are caught quickly. Some manufacturers feature spot cleaners that can be dabbed, rubbed, or sprayed onto the carpet. Reach for a spray; this does not grind the stain into the carpet any more than need be. Let them sit for a few minutes (as per directions), then clean up as directed. This will generally completely remove any stain that is caught early.

Home Remedies

There are numerous home remedies that are looked at as great ways to get out stains. Club soda is generally a well known cleaner for removing any type of red or dark stain. Shaving cream has also been used as a home remedy for carpet cleaner. A lesser known home remedy is to use salt. Pour salt over the stain, covering it completely. Create a small mountain of salt so the stain will be completely absorbed. Let it sit for a few hours then vacuum and you'll be surprised to find your carpet is stain free.

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners are often a great way to get out stains when you did not have the opportunity to remove the stain as quickly as possible. These carpet cleaners (whether they are rented, owned, or portable) are heavy duty, and can lift dried stains out of carpet fairly easily. They may not be able to lift the stain completely, but they can get most of the stain out through major foam and heat, often found in steam cleaning.

When caught fast, getting stains out of carpet is a fairly easy task. By having all of these various carpet cleaning solutions available, you can be sure to have the best for every carpet stain cleaning solution.