Taking Care Of A Stargazer Lily

A stargazer lily is a beautiful flower that provides a splash of vibrant color to any garden. Stargazer lilies are oriental flowers that quickly bloom within two weeks of planting. As a result, it is not surprising that a stargazer lily bouquet has started to become very popular in many flower shops. Since these flowers bloom quickly after planting, they're very popular with people looking for a splash of red outside their homes.

Important Facts About Stargazer Lily Care

Stargazer lilies commonly need at least six hours of sunlight per day, so it is important that you plant them on the side of your home that receives the most sunshine. Bulbs should be planted in cultivated soil that is damp, but not soggy. Early spring is the best time to plant stargazer lilies, as this will allow them to bloom in accordance with the weather.

After blooms begin to fade you should remove them, and then cut the plant down to soil level once it gets brown so it can re-grow the following spring. Finally, a layer three to four inches thick of old leaves should be used with mulch to protect the bulbs during the winter.