Tambour Cabinet Door Construction: 3 Tips

If you have a limited space  in your office ,you should consider using an office with tambour cabinet doors as they don't take up much space in opening. Here are some tips to consider when building tambour cabinet doors.

1. Choose the Right Material

Bendability is important when choosing the material from which your tambour cabinet doors will be made. Reinforced PVC and aluminum are good choices because these materials are both flexible and sturdy yet they allow the doors to bend when retracting. In some cases, the cabinet doors are sold pre-assembled so you do not have to choose the material and build them yourself. However, prefabricated doors are much more expensive than making your own. After choosing the material, you need to choose the proper metal frame as well; tambour doors need a welded frame that ensures strength and stability.

2. Choose Lockable Doors

If you are using them in an office where you want to store important documents or private items, you need to make sure that the tambour doors are lockable. There are different types of doors available on the market, for example, you can choose door panels that come with wheels for additional ease and convenience and are lockable for maximum security.

3. Use Contact Cement

When building tambour door cabinets you need to use contact cement to attach and glue the heavy canvas on the door panels. Don’t use any other type of adhesive or glue because the result will not be satisfying. All professionals recommend using contact cement which is both reliable and durable.