Teak Patio Furniture: Worth the Cost?

When it's time to update your outdoors with new patio tables and chairs, you may wonder if you can afford teak patio furniture. It's more expensive than other patio furniture material, but is it worth the cost? Here are some points to consider that may help you decide whether or not patio furniture in teak is right for you.

Teak Is Prized For Durability

When you select teak patio furniture, you are assured that you are getting furniture with extraordinary durability. Teak is especially popular for its ability to withstand changes in weather and seasons. One example is teak’s capacity to bend, not break, even in high winds. Teak patio furniture also doesn’t require preservatives. It will, however, benefit from occasional polishing or varnish application to keep its natural beauty fresh.

Teak Patio Furniture Is Water-Resistant

The oil in the teak tree resin makes patio furniture constructed from teak water-resistant. This characteristic also protects the patio furniture from insects, bacteria, and decay. That’s one reason why teak has been used on ships and yacht decks for years. Teak’s antibacterial characteristic means the wood will never become brittle.

Teak Has Thick Fibers

Teak’s thick fibers and content make it easier to cut and form onto pleasing shapes for patio furniture. The elasticity and solid fiber enable woodworkers to create products that are beautiful, functional, and durable.

Teak Is a Sustainable Resource

Major teak producers include Indonesia, Myanmar, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Teak, a perennial plant, is cultivated and conserved, carefully managed as a sustainable resource. Only trees that are at least 10 years old can be cut. In fact, the older the teak tree (40 years is ideal), the higher the quality of the teak. In the process of readying teak wood for furniture production, the teak must first have the water content removed. This takes 1 to 2 years. Then, the teak is ready to be transformed into teak patio furniture and other types of furniture.

Teak Patio Furniture Prices

Depending on your needs and wants for your patio furniture, you may be able to buy various items made from teak.  Teak furniture prices range from $150 (for a planter box, child’s Adirondack chair, etc.) to several thousands of dollars (designer outdoor sofa collection, about $3,600 or veranda dining set with seating for 12, about $9,000).

Make sure you buy kiln-dried solid teak wood patio furniture, not Shorea wood or combination wood that has not been kiln-dried, to resist warping and splitting.

You can shop by products or collections. Be sure to look for sales and closeouts. Whatever piece or pieces you choose for your teak patio furniture, you can be assured that you are buying patio furniture that will last and look good for years to come. And that is an investment that is worth the expense.