Techniques for Cutting Hosta Flowers

Hosta flowers are extremely hardy plants that can grow in most conditions. They do the best in the shade and require remarkably little care. New varieties are always being discovered or created, ensuring that there is a hosta out there just right for you.

Cut Hosta Possibilities

Hostas make excellent cut flowers. Some are fragrant and make excellent floral arrangements. Whether you want a hosta bouquet to give to someone or simply a vase full to set on your dining room table, it is easy to do.

Hosta Cutting Techniques

  • Hostas, like most flowers, need to be cut at a certain time.
  • Cutting flower stocks before they are ready could cause them to wilt quickly.
  • You will want to cut your hosta once the three flowers have fully opened up.
  • Keep your stems on the hosta as long as possible and trim away at some of the smaller or unhealthy looking leaves.

Fragrant Hostas

Once cut, these flowers will provide a fragrant bouquet or floral arrangement. Some of the more popular varieties of fragrant hostas that you can cut include the royal standard; these include beautiful white flowers with glossy green shrubbery. Plantaginea hostas consist of exceptionally large heart-shaped leaves and a beautiful white bell shaped flower.