Termite Shield

A termite shield is a shield which is usually manufactured using galvanized steel and placed on or in the foundation. It is used for the purpose of preventing termites from getting into the main structure.

Why a Termite Shield is Important

A termite shield is important because they provide a good level of protection for the main superstructure of the building from termites. Failure to protect the superstructure from termites can result in any number of consequences due to the overall damage that termites can inflict on wood. They also offer the benefit of being pesticide free so there is no potential for them to cause problems to anyone occupying the structure.

How is a Termite Shield Installed?

A termite shield is generally installed as physical barriers between the structure and the foundation. They are used most commonly where wood would come directly in contact with the foundation. This helps to provide a barrier which termites cannot penetrate, offering the structure a reasonably good amount of protection from termites.