The Nuts and Bolts: Moisture Resistant Flooring Now Available to Consumers

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SMART Carpet and Flooring Now Offering Fusion Hybrid Floor, Specially Designed for High-moisture Environments

Homeowners looking for a quality flooring that's both easy to maintain and remarkably tough need look no further. Fusion's Hybrid Floor combines all the qualities that one could want in vinyl flooring; most remarkably, Fusion has been made to withstand moisture and spills better than nearly any other flooring. Fusion Hybrid Floor, also known as vinyl plank flooring, is available now from mill-direct buying service SMART Carpet and Flooring.

"Moisture resistance is a sought-after quality of laminate and vinyl flooring, and Fusion's Hybrid Floor leads the pack in this regard," commented Brendan Phillips, President of SMART Carpet and Flooring. "The innovative Permacore™ material means that Fusion can tolerate the wettest bathrooms and laundry rooms. Anyone with kids or pets knows that spills and stains are a fact of life. Fusion makes for no-fuss cleanup and no worries about the floor's resiliency."

Permacore™ is at the heart of Fusion Hybrid Floor's renowned durability; composed of 50/50 recycled wood composite, the structure will never expand or contract, is virtually impervious to water and can dampen sounds. Yet another feature of Permacore™ is that it's an eco-conscious material choice. Homeowners can take satisfaction in knowing that Fusion helps them reduce their carbon footprint.

Fusion also performs well as a commercial flooring solution. When properly cleaned, Fusion will maintain a pristine appearance even in high-traffic public areas or offices. Permacore™'s sound-dampening qualities, meanwhile, are often an important consideration for commercial clients.

Fusion stands by the quality of all their products and backs the Hybrid Floor with residential lifetime wear and lifetime structure warranties and even extends a 10-year light/medium commercial warranty. Fusion's clever "drop and lock" system requires no adhesives, and homeowners can walk on the floor immediately after installation.

Homeowners and business owners considering a new flooring solution are encouraged to consider Fusion Hybrid Floor. SMART Carpet and Flooring offers free on-site estimates, not to mention stocking thousands of samples in its mobile showroom.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse Adds Distribution Facility in Dallas, TX

Synthetic Grass Warehouse has opened a brand new facility in Dallas, TX, providing a much needed distribution hub for artificial turf customers based in the South and Midwest regions. The distribution facility will hold over 400,000 square feet of artificial grass at any given time, and carry all turf related accessories and infill needed for turf installations.

Drought stricken regions across the United States, particularly in the Midwest, have homeowners and businesses seeking water and cost saving alternatives to natural grass. Dramatic improvements in artificial turf technology seen in the last several years have made it a sensible solution. This boom in demand, coupled with the rising costs of logistics, moved SGW to increase its capacity and provide more immediate servicing capabilities to the region.

"We feel this is an incredible opportunity to not only service the largest state in the contingent U.S., but for the entire the Midwest region," said Victor Lanfranco, member of the SGW management team. "Simply put, our new facility allows SGW to better serve our customers, and that is the main factor behind all of our decisions."

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HIRI Announces Fall Conference Focused Build For The Future

The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) has announced its agenda for its 2014 Fall Conference. This year’s conference is titled Managing The Future in Home Improvement and will be held on October 16, 2014 in Chicago, IL.

“With the industry on solid footing, companies are looking to get their share of the growth,” said Fred Miller, Managing Director of HIRI. “This year’s conference is loaded with information on key future trends that will help them accomplish their goals.”

Presentations at the conference cover a broad range of important insights.

Planning for the Future of Home Improvement by J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman, The Futures Company

The Economy, Wall Street and Deal-Making: Implications for Home Improvement by Joshua Rosenbaum, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets

Probing The Consumer Market – Key Segments by George Leon, Sr. Vice President, National Accounts Manager

“Weatherizing the Business” to Meet Consumer Demand & Optimize Sales by Scott Bernhardt, President, Planalytics

Why the time is finally right for the connected home and thoughts on who and what will win it by Lynn Thomson, VP Research Direction, TNS Innovation Practice

Into The Omni-Channel: Shopping Trends in Home Improvement by Eric Voyer, Vice President

The Future Going Social by Suzanne Fanning, President, Word of Mouth Marketing Association

Information on the conference and a link to registration can be found by going to and clicking on the link on the home page.