Testing Outdoor Christmas Tree Lights

Testing outdoor Christmas tree lights is a very important step that can help you prevent home fires. Here are some tips to keep you in the know.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Christmas tree lights
  • Light bulb testers
  • Extension cords

Step 1 – Inspect lights

Check every string of light. Look for damages, such as broken light sockets or worn out wire insulation. Plug each light string into an electrical socket separately. You can also buy a bulb tester and throw out any lights that do not turn on. Secure the bulbs that do not work into their sockets firmly. Then, test the bulbs again.

Step 2 – Replace bulbs or fuse

If there are bulbs that still don’t work or light up, check if the string has a fuse. You can replace the fuse, and then check again if the light is working. If that still did not work, buy new lights and extension cords. Be sure that they have high rating and follow the manufacturer instructions.