Texturing Drywall Repairs

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Normally, drywall repairs are simple and straightforward, but when dealing with textured repairs you may find that this is more complicated. Commercial drywall texture spray cans do make repairs slightly easier. With the right tools and materials available, you should find it much easier to texture your drywall repairs.

Looking at the Texture

The first thing that you will need to do when repairing textured walls is to study the texture and take a look at what texture it is. Even smooth-looking walls can have a slight texture to them. Some textures use special brushes and it's normally easy to find out which textures these are. The majority of homes that are built use spray textures which are very quick to replicate. Orange peel is one of the most common types of texture.


When working with some spray textures you will first need to prime the area. Read the can of spray texture to work out whether or not you will need to apply a primer coat first.

Choosing Spray Texture

Give some thought to the type of spray texture that you will use. Choose the finish that you are looking for and then read the instructions. Most cans will come with three different straws, one for fine, another for medium and another for coarse finishes. Knock-down textures can be achieved by waiting for the finish to harden a little and then using a drywall knife to scrape the finish down again.

Small Repairs

If you are repairing a small area, you will need to mix some joint compound with extra water until it becomes runny. You can then use a sponge to stipple this texture onto the wall.

For even smaller repairs it's possible to load up a small paintbrush with this watered-down joint compound, and then flick it at the wall to create the texture. When doing these repairs by hand you will need to take a look at the finished result and adjust it accordingly. Allow the repair to dry and then decide whether or not it looks right.

Any heavier textures can be applied using a drywall knife. This might take some practice, but it's very simple after a while. You can always wipe away the jointing compound and start again if required.

Texture Brushes

It's also possible to purchase texture brushes that can be used to recreate more specialist and interesting textures. There are many different texture brushes available for a variety of different textures. These make matching even the most extravagant textures possible. There shouldn't be any problem matching any texture if you're patient enough.