Thanksgiving Party Tablescape Inspiration

Give Your Table Some Holiday Spirit
A Thanksgiving tablescape.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to enjoy a delicious meal while you’re surrounded by those you love, and it’s also a great time to create the perfect tablescape. From place cards to candles to linens to accessories, there are so many different directions you can take to make this year’s Thanksgiving setup the best one yet. We’re serving up some serious tablescape inspiration to help you plan out your perfect holiday decor.

Incorporate Candles
A Thanksgiving tablescape with candles.

Candles are an easy and inexpensive way to make a Thanksgiving table beautiful. They’re also dual purpose since they give off light, allowing you to dim the lights and enjoy a subdued ambiance with your guests. Try varying the height, size, and color of candles on the table to add more depth to the table design. You may want to use festive candle holders to add to the look and feel of the table too.

Use Your Words
A Thanksgiving tablescape that says "thankful."

The power of words can make your Thanksgiving tablescape that much better and more meaningful this holiday. Give hand lettering a try with metallic markers on festive paper to leave little notes or messages at each place setting. Terms like “thankful” or “loved ones gather” are simple, yet they convey a powerful message. If hand lettering doesn’t appeal to you, you can also get vinyl cut words or paint wooden blocks with words to put in the middle of the table.

Layer Items
A Thanksgiving tablescape.

Layering items — particularly at each place setting — is a great way to make a tablescape look full and alluring. Put different sized plates on top of each other, topping off the plate tower at each seat with a fun accent. This could be a mini pumpkin, a festive leaf, or an artfully tied napkin. Another way to make your layers more interesting is to have the top plate be patterned or boldly colored to really make the place settings pop.

Pick Festive Colors
A Thanksgiving tablescape with a pumpkin vase.

The colors of the season are deep, warm tones that are hard to resist. A Thanksgiving tablescape is the perfect time to embrace these hues and incorporate them into your dining space. Use linens in shades of maroon, burnt orange, or mustard yellow to celebrate this wonderful time of year. Mixing these warm tones together with linens, candles, and other accents is easy to do and they look beautiful together.

Go All Natural
Leaves sit on white plates.

You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of expensive items to place on your table for it to be beautiful. Using natural items that can be found as close as your yard may be the perfect way to make your table unforgettable. Find crisp fall leaves, acorns, and pinecones to adorn your table with. Other live items that will look great on your table are mini pumpkins and gourds, which are easy to find at nurseries and grocery stores during this time of year. Layer these items in the middle of the table for a festive and affordable design.

Make it Bold
A Thanksgiving tablescape with blue plates.

While you may want to stick to the traditional colors of the season, depending on your personality you also may want to add your own sense of flair to your table. This can easily be done by adding bold or less traditional pops of color to the table. Think bright colors that add a burst of light to the table, immediately catching the eyes of your guests. This can be done with one big piece in the middle of the table or with small accents scattered around it. This gives a table more personality and allows you to really make it your own.

Make Something Your Guests Will Love
People eat at Thanksgiving.

No matter how you decorate your Thanksgiving table, your guests will love it, almost as much as they’ll enjoy the delicious feast and loving company during the holiday season.