The 3 Types of Solar Energy Systems for Homes

Home solar energy systems offer an excellent opportunity to incorporate a sustainable energy solution and reduce your monthly utility bills. While there are different solar energy systems available, they share the sun’s abundant energy as their primary resource. Listed below are the 3 most common solar energy systems for homes:

Solar Electricity

The first solar energy system available for home use is solar electricity. Solar panels installed on the roof of a home capture solar energy which is then stored in battery cells in the form of DC power. A converter changes it into AC power so it can be used to energize home lights, outlets and other receptacles.

Solar Hot Water

A solar hot water heater captures heat with a solar panel and uses it to either circulating potable water directly or a heat transfer liquid which is pumped to a water tank where the heat energy is transferred to home water. There are numerous varieties of solar hot water systems for every type of climate.

Passive Solar Power

Passive solar power is an ancient technique of building homes and installing fixtures in such a way that no pumps or panels are needed. Home location, position relative to the sun’s path, ventilation and addition of thermal mass are integral elements of passive solar power.