The 6 Best Places to Use a Tree Coat Rack in Your Home

In any busy household, a tree coat rack can solve coat storage problems without taking up too much space. Tree coat racks come in a variety of designs so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem finding one that suits your existing décor. Coat racks don’t use up a great deal of floor space so they can be introduced in most homes without having to rearrange existing furniture. Ideally, they should be placed where coats and jackets are most likely to be taken off.

The Hallway

A tree coat rack in the hallway of your home should encourage kids to hang their coats up. Having said that, it’s not a good idea to place tree coat racks in a confined area where boisterous children or large pets are likely to be running about as the rack might get knocked over.

Back Door

If it’s simply not practical to have a tree coat rack by your front door, think about putting one by the back door of your home instead. You can encourage kids or visitors who are regularly entering your home to use this entrance instead of the main one. If space allows, why not put a rack by both the front and back doors? Back door coat racks are also ideal for hanging coats and jackets if you do a sizable amount of work in your yard.

Utility Room

Tree coat racks can be used to solve a number of storage and organization issues. Put one in your laundry or utility room and it can be used to hang washing that needs airing before being put away. Additionally, you can use it to hang all of those items that you usually can’t find a home for. Tree racks are a great asset to a busy housekeeper who wants a quick solution to the ongoing problem of clutter.

The Bedroom

Tree coat racks can be used in the bedroom to hang nightwear, handbags or a freshly ironed outfit that you might want to wear to work tomorrow. In kids’ bedrooms or playrooms, they’re a great alternative to a dressing up box. Boys can use a tree coat rack to hang sports gear and even sneakers while girls might prefer to drape theirs in fashionable scarves and belts.

A Hot Kitchen Solution

If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate a tree coat rack, consider having one there instead. No more coats, jackets or school bags hanging on the backs of kitchen chairs will feel fantastic! They also make a great place to hang aprons, scarves pet leads and even the kid’s gym bags. They’re also great for keeping track of that items that tend to disappear at inconvenient times such as school ties.

The Bathroom

In the bathroom, a tree coat rack will provide hanging space for towels and bath sheets or a soft robe you want to wear after a shower. If you choose to put a tree coat rack in the bathroom, make sure that it has a finish that can withstand moisture.