The 9 Best Snow Removal Tools

A set of snow removal tools, including a shovel and broom, against a snowy background.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 200-400

The arrival of winter means combating one of the season’s harshest weather conditions—snow. While sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate is one way to deal with winter weather, there are tools you can use to make snow removal less daunting than it appears. By keeping these snow removal tools on hand when winter comes around, you can eliminate unwanted snow accumulation in no time.

1. Snow Shovels

Snow shovels are one of the most important tools to keep on hand when the snow starts falling. These handy shovels are used for lifting, pushing, digging, and removing snow. There is a myriad of snow shovels on the market and each option takes a different approach in moving snow. The type of shovel you need will depend greatly on the average snowfall in your area.

2. Smart Snow Shovels

A man shoveling snow with a snow shovel.

Although a traditional snow shovel gets the job done, they can be hard on the back. Fortunately, back injuries can be avoided by using smart snow shovels. These shovels feature a rotating handle that can be adjusted to different positions, depending on the need. They also help take the strain off your back, making them a perfect fit for just about anyone.

3. Snow Shovel Attachments

If you already have a snow shovel, consider adding a removable handle to reduce back strain. These handles can be attached to existing shovels and provide extra hand space for better leverage. Not only are these attachments affordable, but they help reduce back strain by distributing the weight evenly across both arms.

4. Snow Pusher

A snow pusher working on snow.

If back pain is a major concern, avoid lifting snow by using a snow pusher. These handy devices feature a large scoop that pushes the snow out of the way. Snow pushers are best used when snowfall is under six inches deep. Consider choosing an option with wheels to make the process even easier.

5. Telescoping Shovel

Getting stuck in the driveway is rarely a good thing, especially when you’ve got an important appointment to make. A telescoping shovel is a great tool to help dig the snow out and away from spinning tires. These shovels include an expandable handle to dig around tight spaces and provide leverage for scooping out snow.

6. Roof Rakes

A man removing snow from a roof with with roof rake.

Rooftop snow accumulation is one of the biggest hazards in winter. Not only is removing snow on the roof difficult, but it can also lead to the formation of ice dams. Fortunately, a roof rake is the perfect tool to prevent unwanted roof damage. These rakes come equipped with long handles and plastic sheeting that help scrape snow safely to the ground.

7. Brine Treatment

You can greatly reduce the need for snow removal by properly preparing surfaces for winter storms. In a similar way that salt is used to break up ice, treating sidewalks and driveways with brine prevents snow from accumulating.

8. Shop Broom

An old man sweeping snow off a walkway.

Shop brooms are great for lighter storms that only produce a small dusting of snow. When the snowfall accumulation is only a few inches, use a good broom to sweep away the powder. You can also use a leaf blower, though a blower’s effectiveness will depend on the nature of the snow. The lighter and more powdery the snow, the easier it is to remove.

9. Snow Blower

A man pushing a snow blower in a snow-covered yard.

A snow blower is hands down the easiest way to remove snow. No matter how much snow falls, a snowblower blasts away the snow with ease. These electric tools are lightweight and require the same pushing power it takes to mow a lawn. Even better, they don’t require the use of gas or oil and completely take away the physical element of snow removal. If you get high levels of snow every year, then purchasing a good snowblower will easily pay itself off in time and work.

Tips and Tricks

It's always a good idea to keep a bucket of salt around to help de-ice sidewalks and ramps. You can also improve your shovel’s ability to remove snow by coating the surface with cooking spray. The spray will coat the shovel with a thin layer of grease, ensuring the snow will fall off with ease. The less the snow sticks, the less effort you have to put into the removal process.