The Advantages of Using Braided Brake Lines

Some drivers who want to upgrade the brake systems of their vehicles may be looking at steel braided brake lines as a possible aftermarket addition to a vehicle. To make good decisions about whether to pursue this kind of brake work, it's important to understand how braided brake lines differ from the standard factory brake lines in your car and how they work.

Brake Lines in a Braking System

Brake lines are one of the most important parts of a brake system. Most vehicles use a hydraulic brake system. That means the braking power is caused by fluid expanding in the brake caliper. The brake lines of a vehicle have to carry that fluid from the master cylinder to the caliper, and they have to do it quickly. When your brake lines are not in good shape, braking power may be reduced, or the brakes may even fail in some situations.

Braided Brake Lines: Advantages

Lots of drivers of specialty vehicles like steel braided brake lines for a couple of reasons. Off-road drivers appreciate that it's harder for stray objects to puncture the braided brake line designs. Another feature that is prized by all kinds of drivers is that braided brake lines are subject to less of a bulge when pressure is placed on them. In a braking situation, brake lines bulge under pressure. Less bulge is better than more, because it helps to retain the integrity of the line. That's why some racing cars and other vehicles use steel braided brake lines as opposed to standard lines.

More About Steel Braided Brake Lines

In some tests of these kinds of lines, researchers have found that the reduction in bulging for steel braided brake lines may be somewhat marginal in many usual braking situations.

There's another reason that braided aren't right for some vehicles. In fact, some of these brake line designs may not even be street legal. The reason has to do with aluminum shielding in the brake line. When subjected to extreme bending situations, the rigid aluminum can cause damage to the brake line. Newer brake lines include some modifications to prevent this kind of liability.

when it comes to your average car or truck, the factory parts that were installed by the manufacturer are quite sufficient for the life of the vehicle. Sometimes, when it seems like brake systems are wearing down or getting less effective, it may be time to replace some brake parts. However, that doesn't necessarily mean upgrading them with customized aftermarket parts. Vehicle owners will have to make a decision about whether braided brake lines are worth using on their vehicle, as well as what other kinds of brake parts they want to use for repair projects.

Overall, the important thing is the integrity of the braking system as a whole. The brake rotors need to be functional and properly aligned or calibrated. The brake lines need to be secure. Any kind of damage to the vehicle's brake system can be extremely dangerous on the road. That's why many car owners trust local shops to repair and maintain their brake systems with the best parts and techniques for safe road operation.