The Basics of Framing House Windows

Framing house windows is basically the act of building a box for the window to set in. A good frame is important to keep the window secure. There are a few basic things you should know about house window framing, and here they are.

The header is going to be used as a support that helps to distribute the weight between the walls. It’s important because without this element the wall will have to bear more of the weight, and the window could fail.

King Studs

These studs are appropriately named. These are the points where all the other studs will be built from. The king studs need to be able to support multiple studs and weight so the frame will stay in place without damaging the structure.


When it comes to framing a window, enough room needs to be allowed for proper insulation. Without the insulation you may as well have a giant hole in your wall. Air can escape and come in from a window without proper insulation and make your home very uncomfortable.

There are several other elements when it comes to framing a window, but these are a few of the more important ones.