The Benefits of Using a Keypad Door Lock

If you are thinking of replacing your old traditional door locks and keys, a keypad door lock is probably the best choice for you. Keypad door locks have been around for years but they were mostly available for use only by commercial establishments. Now these door locks have found their way into residential homes and many people are loving all the benefits they provide.

Keyless Entry System

Unlike the traditional door lock system, keypad door locks do not have any use for keys. They are basically keyless; that is, anyone can lock or unlock them even without keys. Technically, they work like the ATMs. People only had to punch in their secret combination numbers in order to lock or unlock their doors. With this kind of entry system, people no longer have to worry about lost or stolen keys and they never have to bring keys with them everywhere they go or hide them in secret places to keep them away from the hands of unauthorized individuals.

Better Home Security

This door lock system uses a technology which makes it difficult for intruders to enter a house. Thus, people can stop worrying about illegal entries while they are away from their homes. Any unauthorized persons trying to enter the home will have to know the access number of the door lock first before they can open the door.

Changeable Entry Codes

The secret numbers of the keypad door locks can be easily changed into another combination. When people feel that their current number combinations have been divulged to unauthorized individuals, they can always change the codes anytime. In addition, if the current owners of the house decide to sell the property or have the house rented to others, they can always just let the new people living there know about the access codes to the locks. There is no need to change locks at all.

Easy Installation

Key pad door locks are relatively easy to install. Any DIY individual can install them with ease. Installation doesn't really take much effort and won't eat up much of an individual's precious time.

Unique Designs

People do not have to worry about their door lock controls being duplicated. Unlike the keys of the traditional locks, the controls of these door locks are much harder to copy. No duplicating machines have yet been created to duplicate these kinds of locks. Currently, only the manufacturers have the ability to produce an exact copy of one particular keypad door lock, if duplication is ever needed.

Wide Options on Types

Keypad door locks come in a wide variety of types. People can always choose a particular type or design that will best suit their needs and everyday lifestyle.

Very Durable

Finally, a keypad door lock is durable. You can always count on it even when you are out of your house most of the time. The benefits it provides are such that it has become widely used by many people. If this does not appeal to you, though, you may choose from other types of keyless door lock systems that have the ability to provide optimum protection to your home every time you are away.