The Best Apps for Decluttering Your Space

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From games to podcasts to meditation to controlling smart devices, apps help billions of us get through our day. But what about when it comes to organizing and decluttering our closets, cupboards and cabinets? Yup! There are apps for those tasks, too.

To help you tidy up and get organized, here are some of the more popular decluttering apps you can get on your smartphone or tablet.


Sortly helps you pull together a visual inventory of your stuff by storing pictures of the items you choose. After putting them into the app, you sort them into categories by location. You can tag items so you can search for them later, and add time of purchase and warranty dates. If you’re moving, Sortly offers a nifty way to keep track of items in boxes.


Got some old LPs, DVDs or tech devices you want to sell off? If you still have their original cases, try Decluttr’s barcode scanner. It can tell you how much money to request for each item, and help you sell the extra stuff you're ready to let go.

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This app helps you make chore and honey-do lists. It alerts you when a task is due or hasn’t been completed, and when something was last cleaned. Get the entire family the app so everyone can get involved and do their part.


Who hates chores more than you? The children in your family, right? ChoreMonster to the rescue. This app makes cleaning seem like a game rather than work. Parents can set chores from A to Z, and Kids can log into the app easily to keep track of their duties, earn points for finishing the chores, and get rewards from parents on completion.


Get rid of a garage full of items you don’t need any more with the OfferUp app. With its internal camera function, you can simply snap a photo of the item, set its specs, and add a price tag. The listing gets sent to other OfferUp users nearby, so it's automatically tailored to your local market. Have fun bargaining prices and set deliveries or pickups through the app’s quick messaging service, all without worrying about giving out your phone number to strangers.


The Handy app lets you schedule a cleaning professional to come to your home and clean what you can't or don't want to tackle. It also tracks the progress of the cleaner from start to finish. Payment happens right through the app, which is secure and easy to use.

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Yerdle lets you post a photo of something you want to get rid of and ship it to someone who wants it. After what's considered a "swap," you may use Yerdle Reuse Dollars to purchase something on the app you fancy. Items listed are usually “gently used.”


Another app for hiring handy helpers, TaskRabbit offers a huge range of potential services from folks who live nearby and are willing to do small chores around the house. Communications, scheduling, and payments are all built right in.


Like Tody, this app will help you divide up the labor of household chores among everyone living in a home. It can get as granular as grocery lists, and includes scheduling and calendar features for planning ahead.