The Best Camper Conversion Kits on the Market

camper van conversion

Vans are incredibly useful vehicles that can be used for hauling materials and for storage. You can have a mobile workstation on a van. But go in another direction and that van can be a real living space. All it takes to turn a van into a camper is the right kit and some DIY skills. Take a look at the best camper conversion kits on the market.

Van to Camper Conversion Kits

It can be thrilling to look a the big empty space of a van and imagine all sorts of features and extras and cool additions. But actually turning a van into a comfortable living space, even if you're only planning on sleeping in it for a few hours, is kind of a big deal.

Conversion kits make it much quicker and easier to convert your van space into a camping space. However, you can spend a lot of money on conversion kits. Take a closer look at some of the best kits on the market and use your DIY skills so you don't end up spending too much money on making that conversion.

You can spend a cool $15,000 on a conversion kit. The Esplori Lightweight Van Interior Kit starts at $13,000 and it comes with lightweight aluminum panels, a reinforced L-track, lights and a wiring panel, insulation and soundproofing. It also has a fan, which creates very necessary ventilation. This kit doesn't even include a place to sleep, though it does have many different parts.

ZenVans conversion interior

You can go even higher if you like. The Zenvanz conversion kit has an aluminum exoskeleton with stainless steel hardware and it really does look amazing. You'll spend a minimum of $18,000 on this one. But if you'd rather spend a lot less and perhaps use your DIY skills a lot more, you can get a much more affordable kit and still get the camping space you want.

Not only does the Flarespace Bed Systems kit work with lots of different makes and models, including the Ford E-Series and the Mercedes Sprinter, it starts at just $2,000. It comes with fiberglass flares, trim rings, an interior finishing kit, bed systems, and interior paneling. You have to DIY the kit and do the installation yourself but that process actually isn't too difficult. This is a pretty user-friendly kit and it creates a pretty comfortable interior.

The Flatline Van company kits work with several different vans and they start at $2,000. Their kits actually come with kitchen units and cabinetry in addition to bed systems and storage space. The finished result looks pretty good and you end up with a perfectly serviceable camper space.

Need something even more budget-friendly? You can actually spend a lot less and still get what you want thanks to products like the Titan Vans DIY conversion kit. Starting at $300, this kit offers water tanks, kitchen units, panels, L-tracks, and wall panels. You will do all the work yourself, of course, and put the kit up piece by piece. You'll also have to add components yourself, such as beds, but for the price, this kit can't be beaten.

If don't really want to do any DIY, try a Wayfarer Vans conversion kit. These kits run around $5,000 to $10,000 and you don't have to install anything. Take the van to Wayfarer in Reno or Colorado Springs and they'll do the whole thing. The kit includes a kitchen and bed system. It's got insulation, shelving, water tanks, and a bed platform. You can also get add-ons to the kit, like a ventilating fan.

Wayfarer van interior conversion

Camper Conversion

With a good kit and a little bit of sweat, you can convert your van into a dream camper that will be perfect for all sorts of adventures. You don’t have to buy an expensive camper to get out and emoji the world. All you need is a van, maybe some DIY skills, and a kit that fits into your budget.