The Best DIY Black Friday Deals

A person wearing a plaid shirt and holding a sign that says "black friday."

Some of the biggest shopping days of the year are nearly here, and that means it’s time for some serious savings when it comes to crossing people off of your holiday shopping list. But what about taking advantage of the occasion to purchase some items that you personally will be able to put to good use?

While you may not always immediately think of Black Friday as a great time to stock up on home improvement materials, it’s just that. Keep reading to find all of the best Black Friday deals this season to help you snag a deal on home improvement materials that will help you DIY for less.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a great place to stock up on home improvement supplies this holiday season. While this store isn’t going to be open on Thanksgiving, they open up bright and early at six in the morning on Black Friday. Once you hit the store, you’ll find a wide range of items on sale. From a variety of step ladders in different sizes and heights to savings of up to $50 on drill kits, this is a one-stop-shop for tools and DIY materials! Decorative mosaic tile will be sold for only $3.99 a pop and LED light bulbs for an astounding $1.99 each. Purchase reliable flashlights with a two-pack selling for only $19.99. Finally, stock up on home storage solutions with plastic bins selling for under five bucks apiece.


A man shopping for power tools in a store.

Lowe’s is another store that is a go-to when it comes to stocking up on home improvement project supplies. There’s no shortage of sales at this store amidst this busy shopping time, but it’s worth braving the crowds. Lowe’s Black Friday ad features an abundance of useful tools under $10, such as an eight-piece screwdriver set, a smooth-face claw hammer, a level, and a headlamp. For under $20, you can snag a two-pack of tape measures, a four-bolt cordless screwdriver, or a 50-foot laser distance measurer.

If you’re in the market for larger-scale tools, Lowe’s has them, too. Pick up a saw, cordless drill, cordless rotary tool kit, or cordless jig saw at all less than $100 apiece. Sawhorses and convenient worktables fall under that same price point. As you can see, Lowe’s is another one-stop-shop when it comes to those staple tools and supplies that can be used time and again on a range of DIY projects, both indoors and out. Lowe’s will be closed on Thanksgiving day, but opens at six on Friday morning and will remain open until 10 that evening.

True Value

For more home improvement deals, head to your local True Value this upcoming weekend. This is the perfect time to stock up on 20-foot-long outdoor cords at $6.99 each or pick up outlet power strips at only $2.99 each. True Value’s sale also features inexpensive snow shovels to get you ready for the winter, selling for under $15 each.

For more all-purpose tools, pick up a three-piece wrench set for less than $10 or a more comprehensive 20-piece wrench set for under $30. If you’re in the mood to splurge while still saving on the regular sticker price, True Value will be offering a 20 volt drill driver set for less than $100, which can be used for all kinds of DIY projects from building a new piece of furniture to installing cabinetry. These sales are already live, so feel free to start shopping these deals now instead of waiting for Friday to hit.

Ace Hardware

A man shopping at a home improvement store.

Ace Hardware is another great spot to hit up for their Black Friday sales. While it’s still unclear whether this will be a repeat occurrence, last year Ace was one of the few retailers to allow shoppers to not only snag sale prices, but also use promotion codes on their purchases to save even more. Also, don’t forget to join the free Ace Rewards program for bonus coupons and savings. Ace will be closed on Thanksgiving and store hours will vary by location, so check with your local shop for their specific hours this holiday weekend.

Ace will feature sales on a range of home improvement tools. This includes a wet-dry vac at $40 off its regular price or $15 off a 64-piece drill bit set including a bag. Also, stock up on smaller items that make great stocking stuffers for the DIY fanatic or for yourself to stash in your toolbox. These deals include a magnetic drive guide set, a six-piece screwdriver set, a pry bar, or a two-piece plier set, each selling for $2.99.

These are some serious deals that shouldn’t be missed this Black Friday. Now’s your chance to stock up on home improvement tools and supplies. After shopping these sales, there’s no doubt you’ll be on your way to a winter filled with DIY projects that will make you fall in love with your home all over again.