The Best Door Frame Repair Methods

Every homeowner will eventually end up doing some door frame repair. A door that doesn't work properly due to sticking, or not latching, can cause problems to your security and energy costs. Thankfully, repairing a door frame isn't something to call a contractor for.

Survey Damage
Most of the time the damage to the door frame isn't enough to get out the tools. A quick survey of the damage will tell you what needs to be done.

  • Is the frame cracked?
  • Is it just pulled away?
  • Do you need to cut it out?

Pull Away Trim
If it is serious enough, the first step in door frame repair would be to pull the trim away from the frame. If you are lucky enough, this might just be what is keeping the door from latching. Simply plane the trim down a little, or replace it with another piece.

Inspect Door Jamb
If you need more in depth door frame repair, then it will be to the door jamb itself. Sometimes, after a few years, the latch can be worn out, or in the case of a break-in, broken. If you need to repair the jamb or latch:

  • Use circular saw, or jigsaw, to cut out the damaged area.
  • Replace with new wood.
  • Drill holes and chisel out areas for door latch and deadbolt.
  • Replace the trim.

Don't ignore door frame repair; the longer it goes untreated, the more unsecured your home is.