The Best Door Locks For Interior Doors

Finding the best door locks for your home's interior doors depends on several factors. There are many different types of interior door locks. Understanding the pros and cons about each will help you pick out the best door locks for your needs.

Standard Locking Door Handle

The most common type of interior door lock is known as a privacy knob. These use a standard locking handle on the inside of the room. The exterior of the door knob has a flat head lock. These are extremely easy to unlock from the outside. You can use a Flathead screwdriver, dull kitchen knife or even a finger nail to unlock these.

Key Lock

Interior key lock doors on the outside provides a greater degree of privacy because it requires an actual key to unlock. These provide a great deal of security but if you lose the key there is no way to unlock them from the outside.

Bed & Bath Knobs

The third style of interior door locks is known as bed & bath knobs. These have a standard locking mechanism inside the room and a small hole on the outside. These require a special tool or precision Flathead screwdriver to unlock. This is a great interior door lock option because it is difficult to unlock from the outside but it can be unlocked without a special key.