The Best Kitchen Faucets for the Elderly

Choosing the best kitchen faucets for an elderly person requires an awareness of his or her particular needs and health restrictions. In order to find the best faucet suited to aid an elderly person, be sure to both address his or her those needs and seek out faucets that are simple in their operation.

Adressing the Individual's Needs

Not all elderly people have the same needs. First, find out what is important for the person you are helping. Do they have difficulty with arthritis, do they have the beginnings of dementia, or are they in good health and just in need of a faucet update? An individual with arthritis, for example, will not benefit from a faucet that needs a great amount of effort to turn or spin on. Understanding limitations and restrictions will enable you to make a better faucet choice for the elderly individual.

Easy to Operate Choices

For most elderly people, the following features are important for a kitchen faucet:

  • A single handle faucet with a lever handle eliminates the need for any type of twisting motion of the hand.
  • A red and blue indicator shows the direction necessary for hot and cold water. 
  • A faucet with a higher arc leaves more space underneath for dishes and pans. 
  • Spray units should be separate from the faucet for easier access and use.

Most brands manufacture faucets with these attributes, making them easy to find and install in an elderly individual's home.