The Best Paint Colors for Bathrooms

blue walls in bathroom with mirror and sink

Painting your bathroom is a great way to give your space a cheery new look and feel. But as fun as it is, choosing the right colors is a major hurdle for many folks. If you're not an interior designer or a person with a keen eye for tints and shades, you may end up making some rookie mistakes when choosing your bathroom paint colors. Here are some of the most popular approaches to bathroom paint color to help you find a shade you love.

Neutral Tones

A bathroom needs to be warm and comfortable at all times. One way to accomplish this is to rely on neutral, natural tones. Taupe and soft grey work well for almost all people. These colors are neither loud nor dull, which makes them appealing for a relaxing space. They also add some warmth, which can have a calming effect.

If you opt to use either of the two, make sure you mix it up with some bright white accessories and warm lighting.

Bright Whites

The classic go-to bathroom color has always been bright white. People love white for various reasons. First, the white color ensures that high standards of hygiene are maintained in the bathroom.

This is key given that dark colors may conceal dirt, a situation that might be detrimental in the bathroom. In addition to the hygiene bonus, bright white is a visually appealing color, exuding feelings of bliss. It's calming and works well with all lighting types.

If you decide to use bright white paint for your toilet, try using different textures to break up the look. You could have a rough texture on the floor and soft walls.

white bathroom with bathtub and shower


For those who wish to break out of the normal with a more sophisticated look, charcoal paint is an ideal option. The beauty of charcoal is that it exudes a gentle mood, while offering more sophistication than a lighter grey.

If you're into bright colors, charcoal might not be ideal. But when combined with the right accessories, it works well. It can be used alongside candlelight orange lighting with bright accessories such as the toilet seat for warmth. This combination brings life to charcoal even for those who are into bright colors.

Creamy White and Light Blue

If you are a person who likes staying in the middle—not too bright or too dull—you might prefer creamy-white and light blue options. These are bright colors but not too bright as white. Most people who do not want a shouting white opt for the cream white. If you're into blue, a light shade might be a good option.

If you opt for a sky blue, it helps to mix it up with bright white accessories. Light blue also brings a challenge when it comes to lighting accessories. You might find some hardware in a complementary metallic or blue shade. If you're not sure, you can play it safe and stick to white lights.

bathroom with light blue walls and white cabinets


For most interior designers, the thought of using any green as the parent color for interior decor is almost unplausible. But there are situations where some shades of green may make a great combination.

One of the best green options for interior decor is pistachio for the bathroom. It is important to mention that, using this color for bathrooms requires the correct application of interior accessories. If you are not sure you can pull it off, you would better stay away entirely.

The faint pistachio green brings a vibrant feel to the bathroom. Thankfully, it is not as shouting as pastel green. The ideal lighting for the color would be an orange hue. Since the green might be a little bright, deem lighting options will give your bathroom a great look.

wallpaper and painted walls in bathroom with sink and mirror


Finally, there is the brown color, which brings a whole new dimension to the conversation. This color is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking when done right. But in case the decor is not done well, brown may just serve the purpose of turning your bathroom into a boring cell.

Brown works well to give a natural, earthy, or rustic look if desired. The bathroom will look very calm and earthy but can be made warmer with the appropriate lighting and accessories. White light is the ideal lighting option but orange lighting may also provide a little buzz.


Before you embark on painting your bathroom walls, you should be clear on what colors you want. Since color selection is not an easy task, it is recommended to ask for professional help, or use mobile phone applications to choose the color.

Several applications can provide an upfront view of the final look to help you make the right choice. If you stick to the colors discussed above, you won't have any regrets in the end.