The Best Way to Clean Wallpaper Wall Coverings

Wallpaper can be expensive, and it takes some work to get it up correctly. You'll want to keep it looking new without harming the design. Here is the best way to clean your wallpaper without damaging it.

1 - Dust the Surface

You will want to remove dust. Use a soft cloth and swipe over the surface to remove any cob webs and dust.

2 - Prepare Cleaning Solution

In a bucket mix tepid water and a few squirts of dish liquid. Take a sponge and squeeze it a few times to get it saturated with the solution and then squeeze out the excess. You don't want to get your wallpaper very wet. Wipe down the wallpaper gently. This should be all that is necessary to get it clean.

3 - Rinse and Air Dry

Change the water in the bucket to cool, clean water. Use the sponge again to rinse the soap from the wallpaper. Again, be careful not to saturate your wallpaper. After rinsing, allow it to air dry completely. If you notice any spots that are not entirely clean or that you missed a spot, repeat this process on those areas.