The Complete Style Guide to Bamboo Curtain Rings

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Bamboo is a relatively new material that is used in a variety of applications in interior decor, even including bamboo curtain rings. Bamboo is a beautiful, durable, and very renewable resource that has taken the world by storm in a spectrum of applications. Bamboo is a native plant of Asia, becomes as tall and round as trees, and grows quickly.

This makes it an ideal material with which to make various furniture, furnishings, and building materials. Bamboo is incredibly beautiful, with a unique wood grain, and the ability to shape and mold into endless products. Bamboo is also very durable and is a new trend as a flooring and countertop option in homes and buildings. You can find decorative bamboo items everywhere, and bamboo curtain rings are one of those decorative options. For those that are handy working with wood, you may find that you even might want to make your own curtain rings, as bamboo is very easy to work with.


From simple bamboo curtain rings to elaborate metal hooks with bamboo accents, there are many options available on the market to purchase bamboo curtain rings. Some rings combine materials that accentuate and highlight each other, like nickel-finished metal hooks with bamboo squares and polished and varnished bamboo rings with metal clips. The style that you look for will most likely be driven by the current decor or the desired effect. Bamboo curtain rings will complement an array of decors.

If your home is decorated with country charm, a simple and plain ring may be perfect. If your style is more contemporary and modern, consider something that includes several elements. Keep in mind the look that you want to achieve, or the rod or curtain that you want to play up or down. More elaborate curtain rings should be paired with simple or solid color curtains. Boldly printed curtains paired with simple rings will not overwhelm. Make sure that the ring not only complements the curtain but the curtain rod as well. A solid bamboo ring will complement a metal rod and vice versa.


Make sure that the ring that you choose will work with the type of curtain you have unless you also want to change your curtains. You may find that the rings and rod become the focal point instead of the window treatments themselves. When considering options, also keep in mind the rod that you will be pairing the curtain rings with; they will need to work together. Too, keep in mind what you will be using the curtain ring for. If it is to hang a shower curtain, you will need something that is finished in a way to make it impervious to the moisture and humidity of a bathroom. If you have heavy curtains or drapes, they will need to be able to stand up to the weight of the material.