The Content of Your Vacuum Bags Can Make Great Compost!

compost pile with containers of organic material next to it

As unbelievable as it may sound, your filled vacuum bags can actually be used as compost. As uncomfortable as it might be to consider, most of the particles your vacuum cleaner picks up from your home are either from an animal or a human body. Hair, skin, lint, and other organic materials make up the majority of particles being sucked up. Of course, there is dirt and other non organic material, but that just adds to the soil and composting power.

Compost Collection

While getting your composting pile started, add in the contents of your vacuum bags. The easiest way to collect this type of compost is through an upright vacuum cleaner, since most of those models store their gatherings in a plastic canister. When this canister gets full, simply remove it and dump it on your compost pile.

Regular vacuum bags can also be dumped on your compost pile, just cut a hole in the bag to release the products.

Mix with Other Materials

stiring dirt with a pitchfork

The best way to add the contents of your vacuum bag to the compost is to mix it into the pile. If you have a compost bin, you will need to tumble it. If you just have a pile in your backyard, you can easily use a pitch fork and toss the compost.

Mixing your compost will incorporate all of the different particles to an even distribution. It will also spread the nutrients and activate the compost, helping it break down faster.

Spread Directly onto Garden

Another way to add the contents of your vacuum bags as compost is to spread it directly onto your garden. This method is especially useful either after a rain or just before one, as the falling drops will help dissolve the lint and integrate the hair and other particles.

Lint as Compost

a dryer lint filter full of lint

Most people only think of lint as something to remove from dryer filters and belly buttons. It turns out, though, lint is mostly organic material, collected from the fibers of your wool, cotton, and other fabrics. As such, it will break down in the garden to add useful nutrients to the soil.

As a bonus, lint will also act as mulch while it breaks down, helping to keep the ground moist.

Use Paper Bags

Keep an eye out for paper bag replacements for your vacuum cleaner storage containers. Paper bags make a great alternative, as you can simply throw the entire bag into the compost pile without having to dump it out.

Vacuum Cleaner Contents as Compost

If you are thinking about what to do with all the dust, hair, and lint your vacuum cleaner picks up, why not throw it into your compost pile? It will add density and fiber, and give a boost to the nutrients in the garden.