The Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows

Bow windows and bay windows can create a modern updated look to your home. Each type of windows draws in light and can add a dramatic look to a building. While the two types of windows are similar in certain aspects, they do have some key differences.

Bay Windows

Bay windows project out of an outside wall, which allows a better view of the outdoors from the inside of the building. In addition, bay windows are angled at the corner and are sometimes seen in Victorian-type architecture.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are generally bay windows that are curved. In addition, bow windows usually are a collection of 4 casement windows made to fashion an arch. Bow windows are typically associated with a type of architecture that was popular during the Federal period.

Similarities Between the Two

Both bow windows and bay windows can generally accommodate any space or size or shape of opening. In addition, both types of windows can be made into accessible seating areas inside the home and to protrude to any length inside the home. Also, both the bow and bay window are equally popular and commonly seen in modern homes, and they are similar in cost and similar in the installation process.