The Door Latch Repair Process

A simple door latch repair can be all that’s needed to help your door close with a gentle push. If your door isn’t closing as it should, follow this guide to troubleshoot it.

Check Molding

If the molding is sticking out even just slightly, the door may not close as easily as it should. If this is the case you can gently tap it back in to place with a hammer. Once it’s back in its correct place this should help the door to close properly.

Check Hinges

A hinge that is misaligned will also cause a door problem while closing. You generally only need to tighten the screws on the hinges to correct alignment problems.

Check the Latch

If the molding plate or latch isn’t installed correctly this will cause your door to jar and not close correctly. Check to ensure they are in the right place, installed the right way, and in order. If this isn’t installed correctly all you need to do is remove the molding plate, and place it in the correct position. An electric drill is all you need for this repair.

These simple fixes can help a door that needs to be slammed to latch.