The Easiest Way to Clean Cobwebs off a Textured Ceiling

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What You'll Need
Feather duster
Spray foam cleaner
Paint roller

A textured ceiling is a popular way of decorating the ceilings of many homes, both modern and traditional. These ceilings do look fantastic, however over time they can become grubby. Cleaning a textured ceiling can be a challenge because the dirt gets ingrained into the surface.

Any cobwebs on your ceilings will need to be removed carefully so that you don't risk causing any damage to the ceiling itself. This should be done regularly to make the process much easier.

Step 1 - Prepare

Cleaning your textured ceiling requires different pieces of equipment. Prepare all of these tools to ensure that you can complete the project easily and quickly.

You will need a ladder, feather duster, paint roller, cleaning solution, and water. Collect all of these items together so that they're close to hand and you don't need to waste time finding them once you've started the project.

Step 2 - Climb the Ladder

Put the ladder against one of the walls in the room you're working on and climb up it. Ensure that you can easily and comfortably reach the ceiling without needing to overstretch. This way you can safely work on your ceiling without risking falling over.

Whenever you're working up a ladder you should have someone to hold onto the bottom to prevent it from falling over or sliding down the wall. If you don't like heights then you could find a feather duster with a long reach handle, and a long reach roller.

Step 3 - Dust the Ceiling

textured ceiling

Use a feather duster to gently dust the ceiling and remove the majority of the cobwebs. A feather duster will be one of the most effective methods of getting rid of cobwebs because the feathers will easily get into all of the crevices of the textured ceiling.

By using a feather duster you can avoid the problem of scratching your ceiling. This is because the feathers are soft enough not to cause any damage.

Step 4 - Clean the Ceiling

Use a foaming spray cleaner to cover the surface of the ceiling. Cleaning solutions that foam up work the best because these will get into every bit of the textured ceiling to remove all of the dirt. This means that every single bit of dirt will be removed rather than just removing the cobwebs.

Step 5 - Wash the Ceiling

Use a bucket of clean water to wash the ceiling. Dip a cloth into the bucket and wipe it over the surface of the ceiling. This will remove the cleaning solution and should also help to get rid of the dirt.

Step 6 - Repeat

If any dirt still remains on your ceiling then you will need to repeat the whole process again until your ceiling is completely clean. By taking your time to clean the ceiling you will be able to make it look as good as new as quickly as possible.