The Easy to Care for Drought Tolerant Gazania

Gazania, also known as "Treasure Flower" or the "African Daisy", is a part of the Asteraceae family of flowers. There are about 15 different species of Gazanias, and many different hybrids have been developed. They have big daisy-like blooms, which come in solid colors as well as multicolor in various hues of red, orange, pink and yellow. The Gazania flowers bloom at about 12 inches from the ground on short stems. Gazanias are native to southern Africa but now are very popular in central and southern United States.

How to Plant Gazanias

Gazanias are low-maintenance plants that thrive in the sun and do not need a lot of water. Plant them 6–8 inches apart in sunny, dry areas or in rock gardens. Sandy soils and partly shaded areas are also ideal for planting Gazanias.

Plant Care During Summer

During summers with no rainfall, water them weekly till the soil is moist. Allow soil to dry out between watering as too much water will cause the plant to rot. Only a little application of organic fertilizer is needed for healthy blooms.

Plant Care During Spring

During spring, mulch around the plants with 3 inches of organic compost. Remove any old foliage using pruners to promote new growth.