The 5 Best Bathroom Plants

  • Beginner

+-The best bathroom plants benefit from the humid environment that comes from hot showers. If your room does not receive much natural light, purchase a fluorescent light fixture to ensure proper photosynthesis for your indoor plant.

Aloe Vera

There are numerous species of Aloe Vera, each suitable for the environment of your bathroom. Extracts from these plants are commonly used to treat minor abrasions and burns. You can snap the thick, pointy leaves to produce juice that you can then squeeze directly onto minor wounds, moisturizing and speeding up healing time. Aloe Vera is extremely easy to grow. Buy a plant that is already established and add water only after its soil has completely dried.


Bamboo is easily grown indoors and is rumored to contribute to feng shui and attract good luck. This plant can be propagated from a cutting or grown from seed and will grow in low or direct sunlight. A cutting will sprout its own roots when appropriately planted in fertile soil. Bamboo can grow extremely tall or be kept short and thick depending upon your preference. Look around for special bamboo arrangements in unique pots or surrounded by soothing stones.


Orchids are beautiful tropical plants that produce brightly colored flowers in many shades. While this plant can difficult to cultivate, it is an ideal candidate for growing in the bathroom. Orchids often die due to dry air in many homes, but they will thrive in the humidity of the bathroom as long as it's well ventilated to help protect your orchids from mold and rot.


The Ficus tree is the kind you often see in the corner of a doctor's office. Available in a variety of leaf shapes and colors, some species love high light while others need very little light at all. Many Ficus trees do best in moist climates, like that provided by your bathroom. Their weeping figs prefer bright, indirect light as they need more light indoors than when grown outside. When properly cared for, this plant will live many years.


The Aspidistras are among the easiest plant species to grow because they quickly adapt to any lighting environment and fertilization schedule. The common name for this plant is “cast iron” because of its hardness. Aspidistra is a slow-growing leafy plant and is suitable for a shady corner in your bathroom.

The bathroom is a focal point of your home, so liven it up with some colorful, oxygen-producing plants. Any of these will flourish in the humidity of your bathroom when provided the appropriate light and drainage.