The Importance of Building A Retaining Wall

You may build a retaining wall on uour property for several different reasons. Built of wood, rocks, bricks or concrete, a retaining wall will hold back some level of dirt and soil away from your home, garden, pool or play area.

You might also add one for the sheer aesthetics of it. If you have a lot of rolling, sloping yard, a retaining wall will provide you with more usable land.

Retaining Walls Hold Back the Earth

There are times when you build a home on a hill or in a valley between several hills. A retaining wall will hold back the earth from falling in on your house once the hillside has been dug out to build your home.

Thing about digging a hole. With each shovel full, dirt does back in from the sides of the wall. The more you shovel, the more dirt begins to fall back in. The sides are loose and weak, so they will crumble at the slightest provocation.

When you dig out the side of a hill, the dirt that still remains need to go somewhere. If left alone, it will eventually come tumbling down. A retaining wall will do the work to hold the dirt back and ensure your safety.

Retaining Walls Give You More Usable Land

You may want to install a walk-out basement, a patio, a playground for your kids, a garden, a tennis court or even a pool. If your land is rolling or hilly, you can't begin work until you level off the ground. You will then be left with a sort of cliff, where the part of the land that is not dug out is higher than the lower flat land.

Adding a retaining wall will not only help you have more usable land, but will add structure and beauty to your new area. If you put in a pool, your retaining wall can also be used as steps into the pool, a place to hold your pool equipment or even a place for a water basketball hoop.

Retaining Walls Keep the Ground from Washing Away

If your area gets a lot of rainfall or if you live near water, like a lake, a retaining wall will help keep the water from eroding the soil of your landscaping and around your foundation. This can also be a safety measure to prevent mudslides and rivers of dirt from floating toward your home.