The Importance Of Waterbed Conditioner

One of the most essential parts of a waterbed is the waterbed conditioner. Waterbeds have a mattress that is full of water. As water sits for a long period of time it begins to turn to rather dirty water. Since a waterbed is heated, the water begins to get putrid rather quickly. Waterbed conditioner is essential to the overall maintenance of your bed and water.

Protect Against Mold and Bacterias

As the water sits in the waterbed mattress bacterias and mold begin to form. In fact, the water that you fill your waterbed with can contribute to the bacteria, algae, fungus, and mold as you fill it. The heat in the waterbed works not only to keep you warm at night, but also creates the perfect conditions for the bacterias to thrive. If left untreated, this bacteria can severely weaken the integrity of the mattress membrane and cause small leaks or catastrophic failure. After a long period of time without any treatment, the mold and bacteria that is contained on the inside of the mattress can actually begin to line the outsides of the mattress.

Keeps Gas Bubbles Down

The gas bubbles are a byproduct of the bacteria. Gas builds up and can cause the mattress to become hard and expand. As it expands there is a great danger of seams ripping, or failing all together.

Promotes Long Life of Mattress

Keeping the water inside your waterbed mattress conditioned will not only keep out the bacteria and bubbles, but it will also protect the mattress. As time goes on, the mattress will begin to grow weak from all the bacteria growth, changing of the water, and general use. As the water conditioner is added to the mattress, it begins to not only work within the water itself seeking out impurities, but it also forms a protective barrier along the mattress.

Keeps Mattress Membrane Soft

After a few years the membrane of the mattress can become firm and hard. This will cause the enjoyment of owning a waterbed to be lost. This is due to the body oils that build up over time. Besides having a waterbed conditioner that works on the inside of the waterbed, there is also a conditioner that works on the outside. Giving your mattress a few quick rub downs every year will help to keep your mattress soft.

Treated With Conditioner

The waterbed conditioner has been formulated, and improved upon during the years, to combat the problems listed above. Regular use of the waterbed conditioner will help to reduce the bacteria growth, keep mattress protected, and keep it soft for more enjoyable sleep times. It is recommended that your apply 6 ounces of waterbed conditioner to the water bed as you fill it. This is to be added before any water is put into the mattress. After that, 4 to 6 ounces of conditioner should be added every six months.