The Joys (And Potential Risks) of a Sailboat Charter

As with any water activity, there are many joys and potential risks inherent in a sailboat charter. On the one hand, being part of a crew that operates a sailboat is an exhilarating activity. The feeling of the wind in the sails out on the ocean or a bay is freeing. On the other, because deep water, wind and obstacles are involved, there are risks too.

Reefs, shoals, other boats, sudden storms and inclement weather in general are all possible encounters when sailing. Before you and your vacation party commit to chartering a sailboat, make sure you fully understand the risks involved. If you do and decide to go through with it, know that the joy and chance of adventure are high.

Sailboat Charter: Good Times on the Water

Wherever you are in the world, if there is a body of water nearby, chances are that a sailboat charter company isn’t far away. Whether it’s a bay, a sea or the open ocean, sailboat charter companies provide the boat and equipment and you provide the crew. Some companies offer crewed boats, but this is an option for people with no experience who simply want to relax aboard the boat. Chartering a bare boat, on the other hand, makes for more work but also more adventure.

Provided that at least one person in your party is ASA certified to charter a sailboat, a bare boat gives your group the opportunity to prepare the boat, cast off from the harbor, hoist the sails and catch the wind. Make no mistake: you will have to work while operating the boat, but it is the thrilling kind of work that is adventurous and satisfying. When you’ve trimmed the sails and the boat is powered fully by the wind, the feeling you will experience clipping along the water is unlike anything else.

The Potential Risks of Chartering a Sailboat

There are, however, risks involved with chartering a sailboat that should never be understated. Aside from the seasickness that seems to affect a certain amount of people, simply being out on the ocean, sea or bay can be treacherous. There must be a skilled sailor in your group who can instruct everyone else in what to do should an emergency happen. If a storm approaches, a fire starts or a wreck ensues, keeping a calm head is vitally important. Each person aboard has a role to play in maintaining not only the boat’s proper operation but its safety as well. The first step to safe sailing is to understand the risks. Only then can you make the informed decision to embark or not.

Adventurousness is not the only prerequisite for sailing on a chartered bare boat. Each member of your group must be aware of the safety issues and how to act if and when an emergency arises. Ever since humans have sailed upon the seas there have been perils. This fact has not changed, although the technology is superior. Sailing is a joyous experience, but it is not for the faint of heart. It requires work and constant vigilance while at sea, but the rewards are well worth the endeavor.