The Nuts and Bolts: 10 Things to Do Before You Contact a Contractor

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Phoenix home remodeling company Republic West Remodeling announced it has authored a new guide titled "10 Things to Do Before You Contact a Remodeling Contractor." Targeted to homeowners, the document's goal is to provide advice on planning and preparing for a home remodeling project before the contractor becomes involved.

This informative document outlines the steps homeowners should take to help ensure the construction process goes smoothly and the end result meets expectations. In 10 steps, the document advises homeowners how to:

Determine the Reasons for Remodeling

Look Carefully at the Neighborhood

Estimate Length of stay in the Current Home

Determine the Likely Return on Investment

Establish a Budget

Decide How the Remodeling Project will be Financed

Create a Wish List

Formalize Thoughts and Put Everything Down on Paper

Know What to Expect During Construction and Prepare Accordingly

Develop a Short List of Qualified Home Remodeling Companies

"If homeowners follow some proven advice before hiring a remodeling contractor, they'll likely avoid a lot of stress associated with their projects," said Jim Weisman, owner of Republic West Remodeling. "In fact, the extent and quality of planning directly impacts a project's success or failure.

Interested homeowners can download the guide from the company's website.

Lowe's Helps Consumers Outsmart Summer with New Home Automation Products for Iris

Lowe's Companies, Inc. announced the launch of new products for its Iris smart home solution that offer consumers added convenience, safety and efficiency this summer. The home improvement company continues to extend the breadth of connected devices with the addition of a smart garage door controller, electronic pet door, window blinds controller, and hose faucet timer to make it easier to cut energy costs, reduce water usage, and keep the home secure while consumers balance active summer schedules. This new wave of products joins the 50 existing devices currently available for Iris including security cameras, smoke detectors, water leak detectors, and more.

The four new Iris-compatible products can be monitored and controlled anytime, anywhere from a computer, smart phone or tablet and are available in Lowe's stores, nationwide.

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor™ – Monitor and control access for pets with a cust

  • PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor™ – Monitor and control access for pets with a customizable schedule and record their movement. The device will even recognize a pet wearing the collar sensor so you can be sure you are not feeding the neighbor's cat.
  • Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Command Controller with Tilt Sensor – Control your garage door from your smartphone while on the go and get alerts if you drive away and accidentally leave it open.

Iris Motorized Window Blinds Controller – Remotely control and schedule blinds

  • Iris Motorized Window Blinds Controller – Remotely control and schedule blinds for privacy or comfort. Better manage energy consumption during the hot dog days of summer.
  • Orbit Hose Faucet Water Timer – Easily installed on any hose faucet and allows consumers to remotely turn the hose on/off or schedule watering. Achieve greater efficiency by triggering rain delays from a smart phone.

Resilient Vinyl Flooring Stands Up to Summertime Foot and Paw Traffic, Resists Moisture and Stains

The summer months are hard on floors: traffic in and out of the home is heavier than any other time of year. However, today's vinyl flooring solutions are more than up to the challenge. SMART Carpet and Flooring has a wide selection of durable, resilient vinyl flooring options.

"The idea that vinyl flooring is inferior to all-natural products is no longer true," remarked Brendan Phillips, president of SMART Carpet and Flooring. "The best products on the market today are among the strongest flooring options that money can buy and feature long-term warranties."

With a superior vinyl flooring in place, homeowners can have an open-door policy with kids and pets, confident in the knowledge that their floors will maintain their strength and beauty regardless of traffic volume. The DuraTru resilient vinyl flooring collection from Shaw has five times the durability of a typical polyurethane surface. Within the flooring, a fiberglass cushion effectively reduces sound transmission, so kids running in and out won't sound like an elephant stampede. The surface is water, mildew and stain resistant, and is available in eye-catching wood, tile or stone designs, with more than enough color choices to suit any interior design.

For those considering vinyl flooring for a new home or just as a renovation, the friendly professionals at SMART Carpet and Flooring suggest booking an appointment for a free estimate. The mobile showroom brings thousands of flooring samples straight to the consumer's door; after all, home is the best place to shop for a product that's so pivotal to the overall look and feel of a room. SMART Carpet and Flooring currently serves all of New Jersey, Staten Island and parts of Pennsylvania.