The Nuts and Bolts: April 22, 2013

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Habitat for Humanity Launches 825th Restore

Habitat for Humanity recently opened its 825th ReStore, a home improvement store that accepts donations of quality products and sells them to families in need for very reasonable prices. The proceeds from ReStores are used to power Habitat for Humanity’s ability to fund home construction and improvement projects for families in need. A further benefit is that ReStores provide an environmentally responsible way to keep good, reusable materials out of landfills. Head over to restores for more information. Launches Interactive Home Buying Map has released an interactive map called “Find the Best City to Call Home.” The map breaks down the locations of over 30 cities, highlighting their best attributes. This tool will allow prospective home buyers identify which areas have the best parks and gardens are most green friendly, etc. Furthermore it examines categories such as schools, healthcare facilities, jobs, and many others.

“This interactive map is very easy to use and chock full of information,” added O’Neill. “Users can learn about the city they currently live in or any other cities across the nation at the click of a mouse, making it a useful tool for homebuyers, realtors and city officials alike.” Check out the interactive map at

Lowe’s 2012 CSR Report Highlights Company’s Improvement Efforts

Lowe’s has released this year’s report, titled “Improving the Places We Call Home,” which aims to highlight projects the company has completed that have improved their workplaces, communities, and the environment.

“To achieve greater progress for our communities and our company, we continue to build on our commitment to never stop improving,” said Robert Niblock, Lowe’s chairman, president and CEO. “We’re focused on carrying out those responsibilities every day with the help of our 245,000 employees across North America.”

To give a better picture of what projects Lowe’s is working on, they have released an interactive map that tracks their progress located at

Harvard Releases Study on Home Improvement Spending

The Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University has released a study showing an increase in homeowner spending on home improvements for 2013. “Existing home sales were up almost 9% last year, and house prices are increasing in most markets across the country,” says Eric S. Belsky, managing director of the Joint Center. “This has increased the home equity levels for most homeowners, encouraging them to reinvest in their homes.”

These findings help identify the key areas of growth future in the home improvement industry. For more information check out