The Nuts and Bolts: May 20, 2013

A little DIY, FYI…

Credit Karma Creates Guide for Home Improvement Financing

One of the biggest hurdles DIYers face when undertaking a major home improvement is finding the necessary funds. Sure we all want to improve the look and feel of our home, but financing (or lack of) often puts these goals on hold. This leads us to the most common solution for home owners, taking out a loan.

With the economy the way it is these days, getting a loan is easier said than done right? Not necessarily. Credit Karma ( has created an awesome step by step guide on getting the loan that is right for you and avoiding headaches in the process.

Some of the key points Credit Karma discusses is the process of finding out your credit score, and what that score means to your home improvement loan. Next, they emphasize the importance of knowing exactly how much you need for the project. Don’t just take out a large loan before you know how much your project is going to cost! Lastly, Credit Karma offers some great programs in their guide to help you sort through different loan programs to figure out which one speaks to your project.

HGTV to Premiere “Renovation Raiders” May 30th

DIY Network's Amy Matthews debuts on HGTV as the host of her newest series, Renovation Raiders. Each week, licensed contractor Matthews “raids” homeowners' houses while they're out to dinner and pulls off a major remodel in less than four hours.

In a recent press release, HGTV described the unique approach of the show. “From lavish living rooms to gorgeous kitchens, the families are blown away when they come home and find their spaces transformed. Imagine leaving the house, going to dinner and coming back to a brand new space in your home.”

Look for it to premiere May 30th!

The Home Depot to Present at Sanford Bernstein Conference

Frank Blake, chairman and CEO of The Home Depot, will present at the Sanford Bernstein 29th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference on May 29th in New York, NY. The Strategic Decisions Conference is an investor conference designed to combine the research and analysis of the Bernstein group with the knowledge and insight of CEO’s from the world’s largest companies. “The presentation will be webcast live over the internet at A link will be displayed under "Events and Presentations." The webcast will be archived approximately four hours after the live event and will be available until August 27, 2013.

Wildfire Season Requires Extra Precautions

With fire season officially starting this month, home owners are encouraged to maintain their property to reduce fire hazards and create proper spacing between vegetation and their home. DR Power Equipment ( ) recently provided information on how to get your yard ready for fire season.

“One of the most essential things homeowners can do to reduce their risk of brush fires is brush mowing. Homeowners should create a 'defensible area' of at least 30 feet around their houses, barns, and other structures. This defensible area should be mowed with a Trimmer/Mower or heavier-duty Field and Brush Mower early in the season and periodically throughout the fire season to keep it free of tall grasses, weeds, and all dry or dead material .“

DR Power Equipment went on to highlight specific products best suited for these tasks. “The DR TreeChopper is an innovative and fast way of removing trees – perfect for fire breaks. It is an ATV attachment that removes trees as much as 25 times faster than a chainsaw. Fire breaks should be at least 10 feet wide and contain no more than 3-inch high grass. Regular brush mowing will keep them from becoming overgrown and hazardous.”