The Only Door Handle Parts You Really Need

If you are thinking replacing your door handle parts, keep in mind that you do not need a great amount of parts to complete this project. Simply start off with a bore-mounted assembly kit and follow the below guidelines to find the right handle for your door. 

General Styles to Choose From

The two general styles of bore-mounted assemblies are the concealed mounting screw and the exposed mounting screw.If you look at the trim ring, which sits the doorknob and the door, you will see the screw heads. If the screw heads are visible in the trim ring, then it is an exposed mounting screw assembly. If they are not visible, then it is a concealed mounting screw assembly.

Specific Parts You'll Need

The door handle parts needed for a door depend on the type of assembly and they come in basic kits. The kit should contain 2 long screws and 4 tapping screws, striker plate, doorknob, and trim rings.

Different Applications For Each Kind of Door

Passage door handles are used on closet and laundry room doors. Privacy doors are used for the bedroom and bathroom and have push button locks. Dummy door handles are used for shallow closets.