The Perfect Lawn to Sell Your Home

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Mathematically speaking, good landscaping can increase a home's value astronomically, sometimes even up to 11%. Maintaining a nice-looking yard is most certainly worth the time and effort when putting a house on the market. Here are some time-tested, research-supported ideas to increase the health and beauty of your home’s lawn.

Skip the Buzz Cut

A close-up image of a lawnmower on a lawn.

Experts say that length is always best when showcasing the natural beauty of a lawn. For fullness, one should aim for blades of grass around 2 ½ to 3 inches long. Most modern mowers have settings that account for longer or shorter cuts—all of which can be found in your own mower's manual.

Skip the Sprinkler

Someone watering a lawn with a hose.

Although it makes for an easy job, the standard sprinkler actually is not the greatest way one can water a lawn. As dirt itself is porous, moisture is constantly absorbed at different rates, making it very easy to over or underwater a lawn. Though it takes longer, a great way to ensure the grass is getting what it needs to thrive is to conduct the ol’ finger in-the-dirt test, which is as it sounds: one sticks a finger into soil to feel for dryness. If it is dry, simply spray the hose and allow the lawn to sit for 20-30 minutes before retesting. The key here is to water a lawn by sections, customizing the water levels on an as-needed basis.

Start Early

Fertilizing a lawn.

Did you know some of the best lawn preparation for the warmer months begins when it’s cold? As leaves turn brown and eventually fall off trees, a great metamorphosis is also happening underground. For grass specifically, this time is one in which the roots focus on growing. Therefore it is imperative that lawn caregivers offer the proper nutrients to do so. Whether store-bought grass feed or fertilizer made from your own compost, a little goes along way toward the life and growth of a lawn. In spring, your home's value will reap the rewards.

Think Long-term

A glove digging up a weed in a lawn.

When selling a property, a homeowner should truly consider avoiding chemical weed killers at all costs. The products used are extremely hazardous to your health and the well-being of the environment, and can not easily go away. The decision to use industrial grade weed killer is one that can affect the future homeowners and their pets. I know it takes time and significant added effort to keep a natural lawn in pristine order when selling a home, but the notion is one which can ensure the safety and loving occupancy of the home you cherish for years to come.