The Proper Way To Hang Aluminum Fascia Boards

Lead Image
  • 8-16 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 60-250-
What You'll Need
1 Helper
2 Ladders
Tape Measure
Drill bit and screw tip
Hacksaw or Roofer's Snips

Aluminum fascia provides a seal for your roof that is long-lasting and more resistant to weather than wood alone. Installing aluminum fascia does not require a great deal of skill, but it does require basic experience with few common construction tools.

Pre-Drill the Fascia

Pre-drill holes along the bottom edge every 6 to 8 inches. This can be simplified by cutting a short piece of lumber or any other available material, and simply leap-frog it along the material to keep all holes spaced evenly. Be sure that your starter holes are large enough for the tip of the hanging screws but not as large as their shaft. It is important that the screws force their way into the aluminum fascia in order to create a weatherproof seal.

Set up Dual Ladders

Place one ladder at the end where you will begin, and the other ladder about 3/4 way down the length of the board. Hand the end up to your helper, and have them hold and support while you work from the starting side. Always work from one side to the other, and keep the same pattern as your work.

Slide Aluminum Fascia Into Place

Slide the fascia under the drip edge. Push it upwards until the bottom plates are flush, and make sure that it extends all the way to the very edge of the roof. Insert the first screw, and be sure that the fascia is smooth and straight before the next screw is put in. Be careful to avoid buckling in the fascia. Step back periodically and examine the work to ensure that it is running straight and smooth.

Overlap Each Section

Each piece should overlap the previous section of aluminum fascia by 1 to 2 inches, but the overlap should be a smooth transition that doesn't cause bumps or raised areas. Be sure that the cuts are straight, and follow the correct angles. The final screw hole for one piece should line up with the first screw hole in the following section.

Plan Ahead for Gutters

If a gutter system is going to be attached after the fascia, drill the holes for mounting it before you hang the fascia. By pre-drilling the holes, you will be able to simply move along the roof and screw the gutter into place later. Another advantage is the there will be less chance of "dimpling" the fascia if the holes are drilled in a controlled work area.

Hang Gutters and Drains

Once the fascia has been installed, hang the gutter and drain pipes. There are several different types of gutter hanging systems, but they all hang immediately below the roof edge, generally mounted with large nails or screws at intervals of around 18 inches. Once the gutter is in place, the fascia will be almost entirely concealed. Its purpose is to provide protection against vermin and elements, not to provide aesthetic appeal.