The Pros and Cons of Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo floors date back to the Renaissance. Invented by the Venetians, they used terrazzo floors in cathedrals and other places of meaning. Even Michelangelo had terrazzo floors installed when he was working on St Peter’s Basilica. They have been installed in high rise office buildings, upscale doctor's offices and million dollar homes. Terrazzo floors are often known as Venetian mosaic, due to their appearance. They are made from chips of granite and marble that is placed in resin or concrete. Once the concrete or resin sets, you are left with a durable floor that resembles a mosaic. The following article goes over both the pros and the cons of having terrazzo floors installed in your home, office or place of business.


Terrazzo floors are probably the most expensive flooring you can ever have installed. They are more expensive than marble and granite. You are not only using a combination of two of the most expensive materials, but also using concrete or resin to set it. The process of installing terrazzo floors adds to the expense because it needs to be professionally installed, unlike marble, granite or concrete.

Beauty and Style

If what you want is a way to convey style, beauty and opulence, then nothing compares to terrazzo floors. You will wind up with a floor that is not only beautiful but unique. Terrazzo floors give you a look that no other floor can give you. Since manufacturers use small pieces of marble, granite and glass when making terrazzo floors, you can get a floor that is customized to your tastes and space.


Terrazzo floors, like other floors made from stone, can chip, but you really need to work at damaging terrazzo floors. They are one of the most durable floors you can have installed. The pieces of granite and marble are set in strong concrete or resin and when set, terrazzo floors will last for a long time while still looking as if it was installed the day before. You cannot compare terrazzo floors in durability to carpet, wood or even marble.

Cleaning Terrazzo Floors

Many feel that cleaning these floors is a difficult job because cleaning marble can be a chore. This is not the case with terrazzo floors. They are very difficult to stain, due to their texture. If you spill something on the floor, you can clean it up by using a mop dipped in plain water. There is no need to use cleaners that contain astringents or chemicals. There is also no need to scrub the floor.


You can install terrazzo floors yourself if you are installing tiles, but true terrazzo floors have to be installed by a professional. This makes terrazzo floors a specialized installation. Concrete or resin is first poured on the floor. On top of this sandy concrete is poured. On top of this layer the chips are placed by hand in intricate patterns. Once this is complete they are sanded down, cleaned and a sealer is applied to finish the floor. The terrazzo floor is then polished.