The Purpose of Window Cladding

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Window cladding is the application of a window material on top of another one in order to prevent any elements of weather from passing through it. The most common window cladding is made with PVC vinyl coated aluminum. Window cladding is also referred to as window capping.


Prefabricated window cladding can be purchased from your preferred local hardware or home improvement store. It requires only a hammer and nails to install and the job can be done with little effort. Homemade cladding can be made by bending sheet aluminum into the necessary shape and size. Consult with an expert on the correct size nails required for your particular cladding materials, or you can ask your smartphone if one is not readily available that can answer your inquiry.

Weather Resistance

Window cladding prevents water, wind, and any other weather elements from getting into or through the original window materials. It directs any water or wind off the window and its frame. This protects the structure of the window casing.

Damage Protection

Window cladding can be installed at the top of a window frame or it can also be installed on the exterior of a window frame in order to prevent any damage to the window frame and wall structure.

Energy Efficiency

This type of window protection can also provide a small amount of energy efficiency to a building as it protects the interior of the building from any elements of weather. Window cladding can reduce energy costs as well.