The Qualities of uPVC Windows

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uPVC windows, or unplasticized PolyVinyl Chloride windows, have become very popular in recent years as an alternative to aluminum or wood windows because of their durability and the fact that they’re a very cost-effective option.

Made of vinyl polymer, bound to chlorine atoms uPVC windows are not actually plastic and they work well with steel. This gives them great strength and versatility with extremely low maintenance costs which is a big plus for any homeowner. You can buy fixed windows, opening windows, and sliding windows in a variety of colors.

Energy Efficiency

Such windows are extremely energy efficient. The windows have a very low thermal conductivity thanks to the materials used in manufacture. This means that heat can’t escape anywhere near as easily as with other materials. In general, they’re 30 percent more efficient than some other types of double pane windows such as aluminum.

Heat Loss

Since the thermal conductivity is very low, heat loss is minimized in uPVC windows. This means your house remains warmer for a longer period and actually requires less energy to retain heat. In turn, this will be reflected in your energy bills.

The welding used on the steel in the corners, along with the double-pane glass and the thermal barrier, means the windows increase soundproofing. This can virtually cut out noise from the outside completely which makes your home a more pleasant place to live, especially if your home is on a busy street.


Constructed to keep out rain, uPVC windows have been used many times in marine construction where their quality is heavily tested. They are far more waterproof than other types of windows as they don’t absorb moisture. Although they are not fireproof, they are fire-resistant and unlike wood windows, they can’t accidentally catch fire for any reason.

These windows won’t corrode, rot or warp, meaning that they’re essentially maintenance-free. They don’t even need repainting during their lifetime. However, if you want to change the color of the frames, you can paint them by choice. With strong steel fittings and 2 panes of glass, uPVC windows provide a strong deterrent to burglars.

Since they can be recycled and involve no wood products, uPVC windows are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.


Although uPVC windows have plenty of advantages, they do have a few disadvantages. Part of that is aesthetic as they don’t look as attractive as wood windows. When they need repair, disassembling them to carry out work is difficult.

In extreme weather, people have reported cracking and warping with uPVC windows meaning they might not be suitable for all climates. Where frames aren’t fully reinforced, there can be some expansion in full south-facing sunlight.

Although most windows won’t need repainting, in some instances the white frames do discolor and take on a yellow or pink tinge that looks particularly ugly.