The Seed Spreader Explained

A seed spreader is a garden or farming tool that is used to spread seed. It is a very useful tool which will help you evenly distribute your seeds. They have varying ranges in which they apply the seed which means that they can easily be used for a small yard as well as a farm.

Two Kinds Of Seed Spreaders

There are drop seed spreaders, which act like a large bucket which you push around the area you wish to seed. It will disburse the seeds evenly from the bottom of the seeder. There are also broadcast (also known as centrifugal) seeders that can shoot the seeds out great distances to cover more ground at faster rate. Drop spreaders are known for spreading the seed in more evenly then the broadcast spreader because they have a small paddle wheel at the bottom that controls the amount of seed spread. The broadcast spreader will cover the ground faster and some will come with side deflectors so the seed path can be somewhat controlled. Broadcast spreaders can be calibrated to keep the seed within a certain area. You can also control how much seed come out at once. This is useful for spreading different types of seed.

Hand Seed Spreader

A hand seed spreader is a spreader that you hold in one hand while turning the crank with the other. You move slowly and at a steady pace through your yard to spread the seed as evenly as possible. This spreader is a broadcast type spreader. If you have a smaller yard this could be the seed spreader for you, however if you have a larger yard then your arms are going to get tired from holding up the machine and constantly adding seed.

Manual Push Seed Spreader

The manual push seed spreader is a seed spreader on wheels. It can hold a lot more weight than the hand seed spreader and is capable of carrying greater amount of seed. The manual push seed spreader can come with special tires that make it easier to maneuver over bumpy terrain. The manual spreader comes in a variety of sizes for all your seeding needs. The manual push seed spreader is also available in both drop and broadcast types.

Pull Behind Seed Spreader

There are salt and sand spreaders for places where ice and snow is a problem. Farmers and orchard owners have huge seed spreaders that get pulled behind the tractor..

Other Uses For Spreaders

Seed spreaders are also used to spread fertilizer evenly. There is a seed spreader that is made for ATVs which will spread seed to attract animals for hunters. This simple little design has many uses.

No matter what your seeding needs are, there is a seed spreader for you. You can easily pick one up at your local home and garden store or at your local super center. You can read about certain types and brands as well as the amount of area they cover on the internet if you require additional information.