How Does It Hold Up? The Smallest Stud Finder You'll Ever Need

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StudPoP is a small and simple stud finder that uses a magnet to locate studs. While the method is not revolutionary, this nifty little tool found a way to clarify the process while adding a little bit of style.

Traditional magnetic stud finders look for any type of metal in the wall, but when you only have small screws or nails to find, this can be tricky and easy to miss as you move over the wide expanse. However, StudPoP found a fun way to grab your attention once you’ve hit gold.

studpop on wall

StudPoP’s neodymium magnet is attached to a little “popper” lever that jumps up whenever you come across metal in your wall. The movement is so sudden, you can even hear the snap as it pops into place. It’s very easy to use and we were able to do sweep across our wall faster than usual since the popper did a great job grabbing our attention.

The StudPoP boasts that its magnet is larger and stronger than competitor’s, helping it find hidden metal even if it’s half an inch deep. We tried it out on drywall, a textured surface, sheetrock, and marble and were able to find the metal fasteners easily every time. The device slid easily over most surfaces, and didn’t leave a mark. It had a little trouble with our textured area, but we just put a little card stock under the StudPop to slide and it worked like a charm.

bottom of studpop

The whole device is small enough to keep in your pocket, coming in at a little over an inch in diameter, and is light enough to take anywhere. The StudPop also comes in a variety of colors that goes along with its fun and simple vibe. It’s still made in the USA by the inventor himself and is sold on Amazon for about $10.