The Top Home Design Trends of 2018

Refresh Your Home
A yellow, pink and blue kitchen.

Are you incorporating the top home design trends of 2018 into your home decor, or are your rooms filled with trends of years past? Looks that were popular just a few years ago completely clash with the trendy looks of today, and your home may look more dated than you knowReplace all those out-of-style designs with trendy items that are hot this year, and give your home a designer look that all your friends will envy. Sometimes, all it takes is a few simple changes to make your entire home look a whole lot trendier and more stylish.

Colorful Kitchens
A kitchen with yellow walls.

The kitchen is always an integral part of any home design, and everyone knows it's the first place you go when you're thinking of buying a home. In 2018, the kitchen is all about bright colors. Don't just think about adding little pops of color, like those fun coffee cups you found at a yard sale. Think about eye-catching cabinet colors, a sage green sink, or bright walls — something that will stand out. The popular kitchen color choices are staying close to nature. Think about charcoal gray, gorgeous copper, and rusty reds when you're thinking about adding color to the kitchen.

Rose gold is also a big color in 2018 in everything from fashion to home design. If you're thinking of replacing your pots or appliances, consider getting them in this trendy shade to be totally up-to-date with fashionable home design.

Forget About the Angles
A round dining table.

Sharp corners and clean lines used to be popular in home design in the past, but that's all falling by the wayside in more modern home design. Today, furniture and decor are all about soft, curving lines that create a flowing space. Get rid of your square tables and replace them with softer circles. Eliminate the sharp edges, and look for furnishings with smooth, curving lines to design your spaces with this hot trend.

Fringe Is In
A rug with fringe.

If you want to make your home decor look trendy in 2018, look for accent pieces with fringe. Throw pillows, lamp shapes, rugs — whatever it is, if it's got fringe, then it's got the right look. Fringe is one of the hottest home trends, and it's one of the easiest design elements to incorporate into your overall home decor.

Bolder is Better
A living room with a blue couch and pillows.

Bold, jewel-toned colors are everywhere in trendy home design right now. The most popular color for 2018 is bold, deep red, according to Pinterest. Hunter green is the second most popular, and blue is a very close third. Any shade of blue will do, as this color is currently cropping up in designer magazines, home shows, and design websites.

Bring Nature Inside
A starfish and seashells used for decoration

The big thing in interior home design right now? The outdoors. Incorporate as many natural elements as you can into your home decor. Try adding granite and other natural stones, and use concrete if you want to get the look at a more affordable price. Add natural textures to your rooms when you can with shells, starfish, plants, branches, and rocks. You'll start seeing natural elements in hot home designs, so start adding them to your home right now to give your space a designer look.

What's Not Hot
A stainless steel kitchen sink.

There may be some design elements in your home that you may want to change. Gleaming stainless steel in the kitchen and other areas of the home were all the rage a few years ago, but they are considered to be totally out-of-style in 2018. Stainless steel sinks are particularly a no-no, as there's a big getting-back-to-nature trend in home design happening right now. Anything that looks like stone or nature is good, and that makes stainless steel bad.

You also won't see many florals in the hip home designs of 2018. Floral patterns are disappearing from popular home decor websites. If you're looking for a great pattern for any of your home fabrics, look for something geometric.

In 2018, color is in and white is out. White walls, white floors, and white furnishings are being replaced for more color. Color is everywhere in home design, and all that gleaming white that was so cool and modern a few years ago is starting to look super dated and old-fashioned now.