The Truth About Fertilizer Effects On Plants

All plants need nutrients in order to grow, which is why many people use fertilizers without thinking about the fertilizer effects on plants.
Sure, fertilizer is a very good thing. It helps plants to grow, especially indoors where they cannot get the correct amount of nutrients that outdoor growing provides. Too much fertilizer, however, can end up burning or killing plants entirely.

Harmful Effects On Plants

In addition to too much fertilizer on plants being harmful, long term fertilizer on plants can lead to detrimental effects on growth. In these cases, the plants forget how to naturally get nutrients from the soil and rely too much on artificial fertilizers. This is bad for longer term plants such as house plants, or exterior shrubs and landscaping.

Contamination Concerns

Another consideration when using chemical fertilizers of contamination. If you are growing plants for food consumption, trace amounts of chemical fertilizers can remain in the plant. These are not always the healthiest to ingest, so you should consider using natural fertilizers on any food products. By taking these things into consideration you can make an educated decision about using fertilizers with your plants.