The Ultimate Comfort: A Heated Window Seat for Your Pets

alcove with large windows and window seat
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A heated window seat for your pets is the ultimate in comfort. Providing a heated window seat, particularly for pet owners who live in cold weather climates, gives your pet a place to sit or rest and enjoy the comforts of the home. Considering a heated window requires you to look at the areas of your home where your pet hangs out the most and will be more comfortable.

1. What Are Heated Window Seats?

Heated window seats can be purchased as an add-on accessory that simply attaches to any window in your home. The heated seat is made of comfortable material that is soft and easy for your cat (or dog) to sit on and feel the warmth. You can order a heated window seat online or at a pet store that sells these items.

2. Costs for a Heated Window Seat

The cost for a heated window seat for your pet’s comfort ranges, depending on the type of pet and their size. A nominal cost of $50 can provide your pet with a comfortable lounge area to relax and watch the world through your home’s windows.

3. Do Homework before Making a Purchase

dog and cat laying together

Although cost is a consideration, you want to do some homework as to the quality and reliability of the window seat you are looking to buy. You do not want to save a few bucks buying a window seat for your pet that shorts out or causes harm or injury to your pet. Look for product warranty information and recall notices on certain heated window seats for your pet. If the product you are considering to purchase has been subject to a recent factory recall or notice you may want to consider purchasing a different brand.

4. Where to Place a Heated Window Seat

The placement of the heated window seat within your home is an important consideration. Where the seat goes should be near an area where your cat or dog normally hangs out. The heat from the window seat is typically generated by an electrical cord plugged into a nearby socket. The window seat should be placed nearest to the outlet without becoming tangled or posing a risk or hazard to your pet.

You can use a heated window seat as a way to change a pet’s behavior. For example, placing it away from a favorite piece of furniture may encourage your pet not to jump on certain couches or chairs in favor of their new window seat.

5. Taking Care of Your Heated Window Seat

Read carefully the care instructions for the heated window seat you buy for your pet. Follow these instructions as this will extend the life of the seat and make it more desirable for your cat or dog. Wash any covers or other washable material in accordance to the wash instructions, adding the appropriate type of detergents or cleaners – preferably those that are not hypoallergenic.