Theme Ideas for this New Year's Dinner

If you plan to host a fun-filled New Year's dinner, you may want to utilize a unique theme to enhance your guests' enjoyment. Applying a theme to your New Year's dinner is a great way to get friends and family into the festive spirit and ensure that a good time is had by all. Below are some of the best themes that are guaranteed to make your dinner a hit.

Trying New Things

In keeping with the spirit of the season, trying new things is one of the best themes around which to plan a New Year's dinner. When it comes to refreshments and dinner entrees, try to prepare dishes that are truly unique to all in attendance. For example, if you have any guests who are particularly adverse to eating vegetables, try preparing some delicious vegetable-oriented entrees that will help sway their opinion. In addition, if you have any guests who are looking to adhere to a healthier diet, prepare some health-conscious desserts that don't disappoint in the taste department in order to show them that healthy eating doesn't equal bland eating. Even if some of your guests are disappointed with the meal, they'll be richer for the experience of having sampled something different.

Late Christmas

The late Christmas theme is another popular theme used for New Year's dinners. This theme is particularly convenient for people who were out of town for Christmas and haven't yet had an opportunity to exchange gifts and holiday pleasantries with friends and family. This type of dinner is essentially the same as a traditional Christmas party and involves gift exchanges and common holiday entrees, such as ham, turkey or roast beef. If your family has a fair number of children, one last Christmas-themed party can be a great way to relieve any post-holiday blues they may be experiencing.

Decorating for this type of dinner is fairly simple as well. If you haven't taken down your Christmas tree and holiday decorations, just leave them up and save yourself the trouble of adding new party decor. However, even if you choose to go this route, it's generally a good idea to hang a few New Year's banners and related decorations.

Dog Party

As pet parties are becoming increasingly popular, animal lovers may want to consider hosting a dog-themed New Year's Dinner. Like most dog parties, this will entail inviting friends to bring their dogs to your home, where you will serve refreshments and entrees to both your human and canine guests. One of the advantages to hosting this type of dinner is the fact that the standard entrees--i.e., hamburgers, hot-dogs and steaks--are fairly easy to prepare and won't prove very costly. Also, assuming none of the dogs in attendance have any special dietary needs, a high quality brand of wet or dry dog food should make an acceptable entree. If you live in an area that has nice weather year-round, these dinners are best held outdoors, as this will provide the dogs with a suitable place to do their business.