Themed Party Decorations for Kids to Make

Themed party decorations don’t always have to be store-bought and expensive. Making them at home with your kids is easy, fun, and a great way to spend the day preparing for your party. Themed parties make birthdays and holidays truly special, and extra fun for kids. With some party decorations to match the theme, you can turn any party into a fun zone. Here are some simple and easy themed party decorations that kids themselves can make.

Polka Dot Theme Party Décor

Both girls and boys will enjoy a polka dot or pin dot party. The decorations for the party are super easy and great fun to make. Simply collect colored craft paper, hole punches, circle-shaped stickers, some circle stencils and paint, and then get started.  Make name tags, food labels, invites and paper streamers to string across the room by sticking on or painting dots in different colors. Cut out circle-shaped placemats and coasters, as well as cutouts for the streamers. Stick large circles with dots on them on the walls, or even on the floor for a jazzy, retro effect.

For party bags and banners, buy rolls of white paper and readymade paper bags and let the kids have a field day stamping dots all over with a rubber stamp. Add a message to the banner and fill the dotted bags with small circle-shaped party favors.

Decorations for a Balloon Themed Party

Balloons are every kid’s favorite, and decorations for a balloon themed party can be easily made by the kids themselves. Simply get lots of packs of balloons, blow them up and then, paint them in favorite colors, stick on stickers or simply cluster balloon bouquets in different parts of the party area. A bunch of balloons can even make an attractive and inexpensive table centerpiece. Remember to anchor or weigh it down with a heavier item tied to the end of the string.

Using construction paper, colors, paints and a balloon-shaped or oval stencil, kids can cut out and color food labels, name tags and place mats, all shaped like balloons. Use a hole punch to make a hole and thread ribbon or colored thread through the tags and labels to complete the balloon-effect.

Get a roll of inexpensive drawing paper and let the kids make their own balloon-themed party banner as well. Balloons are easy to draw, and coloring them is great fun. Children can also make their balloon-themed party bags by simply using paper or cellophane, some ribbon and a balloon per bag. Fill the bags with candy or party favors and then, using the ribbon, tie the balloon to the bag. A fun and simple party bag to match the theme, in next to no time.

Winter Themed Party Decorations

Seasons are great themes to work with and winter, with snow, snowflakes and snowmen, is surely an easy and fun theme. Kids will enjoy making cotton wool snow and sticking it onto placemats and even, around the door frame for a truly wintery effect. Children can also make winter-themed placemats by using a snowflake stencil and white paint. Simply place the stencil over dark-colored craft paper and then, paint it white. Lift off the stencil for a delightful snowflake placemat. Kids of all ages can easily make snowmen-shaped table decorations and party favor containers using construction paper, cotton wool, some stickers and felt pens.

Theme parties are a treat for kids and adults. Making your own decorations can add to the fun while being an inexpensive and unique option as well.